There's More to a Diamond Than Meets the Eye

Quality and value for money are more important now than they have ever been when it comes to the important things we buy. The thought of purchasing a home, a car, a vcr, even a vacation, that is short of the most exacting standards would be unthinkable in these demanding times. The same holds true for diamonds, the hardest and oldest natural substance known to man, and the most beautiful. But there is more to a diamond than meets the eye. Two diamonds may, at first glance, look alike, but the truth is they are very different. Although they may be of equal size, each diamond has characteristics unique to itself, so they may have very unequal values. When you acquire diamond jewelry, you'll want your diamonds, no matter what their size, to be the best your money can buy. Any difference in quality means a difference in price.

Diamonds: How to Select a Quality Stone