Platinum's Origins
Platinum's origins in jewelry go back nearly 2,ooo years to the Pre-Colombian Indian civilizations of South America. It's modern tradition begins with the European court jewelers of the 18th century and extends to the exquisite creations of the great jewelers of the Edwardian era and the Art Deco period.

Modern Applications
Today, it is used by jewelers around the world with skill and inspiration to create dazzling innovations in jewelry technique and design. Technically, no other metal compares to platinum for strength and resistance to tarnish. This is why once the technique of melting platinum in the workshop was established; jewelers could use platinum's structural strength and untarnishable whiteness to show off diamonds at their best.

Today, the highest-class diamond jewelry will usually be mounted in delicate platinum settings to secure and preserve the natural brilliance of the stones. Knox Jewelers has a Master Platinum Smith that has been designing and working with platinum and Platinum jewelry for the past 40 years.

Knox Jewelers Specializes in Platinum
The techniques for working gold jewelry cannot simply be applied to platinum, which makes different demands on the jeweler's skills. Platinum, the metal which extends the boundaries of jewelry design and amplifies the brilliance of precious stones, can add value, excitement and prestige to your jewelry collection too.